Four Men in Washington State Charged with Odometer Tampering

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Share: reports that four men in Washington state have been accused of odometer fraud with 75 cars.

According to the article, federal prosecutors allege the four men purchased vehicles with high mileage rolled back the odometers at a repair shop, and then resold the vehicles at a profit.

Allegedly, the men even had the odometers certified as accurate since many owners had not written the vehicle’s actual high mileage on the vehicle’s title. In one case, the men also altered the high mileage number that the owner had written on the vehicle’s title. The men are reported to have gained over $200,000 from their wrongdoing. In most instances, it is believed the men took over 50,000 miles off the vehicles’ odometers.

The article notes that one of the men had been arrested and posted bail the next day. Warrants for the other men have been issued. Each of the men has been charged with odometer tampering and other offenses related to odometer rollback, including conspiracy to commit offenses against the U.S.

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