Governor Brown Signs Two New Bills Restricting Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

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After continued controversy and debate, new legislation has been passed in California to regulate used car dealers commonly known as Buy Here Pay Here lots. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law on September 29th dictating the use of warranties and prices by these dealers.

Under the new laws, Buy Here Pay Here dealers are required to provide warranties for every car they sell in California. Specifically, all vehicles sold from these types of lots must now have a warranty covering 1,000 miles and 30 days. Additionally, the fair market value must be provided for every vehicle and payment options for customers must be more flexible.

However, Governor Brown vetoed a third bill that would have capped the interest rates these lots could charge and regulate them as finance lenders. Previous investigations have found that Buy Here Pay Here lots have been known to charge as much as 30% in interest on vehicle loans and and use aggressive repossession tactics. Even with the third bill vetoed, legislators and advocacy groups across California are celebrating the passing of two out of the three bills as a major victory.

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