Investigation Finds Used Car Dealership in NY Sold Fake Extended Warranties

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WIVB News reports that two men from Niagara County were charged recently for their alleged involvement in a car dealership scam in Pendleton, New York. The men were allegedly selling customers fake extended warranties for their motor vehicles.

According to the article, the two men were charged by New York state police with second-degree schemes to defraud and falsifying business records, and fourth-degree larceny. The men were charged after an investigation was conducted by the state Insurance Fraud Bureau along with the Niagara County DA.

The investigation was prompted after a man, who purchased a used vehicle and an extended warranty, needed the vehicle repaired. He then went to a shop but was told that the warranty company did not have a record of his vehicle and had not received a contract or payment for the warranty that he had purchased. After reporting the incident to the authorities, the investigation revealed additional victims and that the dealership’s employees were selling extended warranties without processing them with the warranty company.

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