Lemon Law in Nevada

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No one ever expects the vehicle they purchase to be a lemon. In the state of Nevada, a vehicle is considered a lemon if four or more repair attempts have been made and the vehicle’s problem still remains or the vehicle is out of service for repairs for 30 days or more while the manufacturer’s express warranty is in effect.

In Nevada, any consumer who purchases or signs a contract to purchase a vehicle for personal use, anyone to whom a vehicle is transferred during the vehicle’s express warranty, and anyone entitled by the terms of the warranty, is considered a “buyer.”

If the vehicle manufacturer has established a procedure for vehicle repairs, the buyer must first file a claim in Nevada according to that procedure before taking any further action. Nonetheless, consulting with a lemon law attorney may give you a better understanding of your legal options to ensure that your rights as a consumer are protected.

According to Nevada Revised Statutes 597.630, if after a reasonable number of attempts, the problem still exists and the vehicle does not conform to the manufacturer’s express warranty, the manufacturer will replace the vehicle with another model with all features possessed by the original vehicle. If another model with the same features is not available, the manufacturer shall provide a comparable vehicle. The buyer also has the option of obtaining a refund, including taxes, fees, and government charges.

However, Nevada’s lemon law does not apply when a problem with a vehicle is caused by a buyer’s negligence, abuse, unauthorized modifications, or alterations.

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