Lemon Law in Texas

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In Texas, the state lemon law aids consumers who have purchased or leased a new motor vehicle from licensed dealers or lease companies in Texas and have recurring problems getting the vehicle repaired properly. Texas lemon law covers new vehicles, including demonstrators, with problems that are covered by a manufacturer’s written warranty. Additionally, ATVs, TRVs, motorcycles, motor homes, and trucks are covered under the Texas law. Texas lemon law can assist consumers with getting their new lemon vehicle repaired, replaced, or repurchased.

Used vehicles may be covered under the Texas lemon law if the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty or if the problem began while the vehicle was still under warranty and continues to occur. However, used vehicles are only eligible for repair assistance.

To receive coverage under the Texas lemon law, a consumer must file a complaint with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) within six months following either the expiration of the term of the express warranty; 24 months following the purchase of the vehicle; or 24,000 miles after the vehicle’s delivery date (TRVs exempted), whichever occurs first.

There are several things a consumer must prove in order to receive aid under the Texas lemon law, including:

  • The vehicle has an abnormal condition or serious defect that is covered by the manufacturer’s written warranty
  • The condition or defect is reported to the manufacturer or dealer within the term of the warranty
  • The consumer allows the dealer a “reasonable number of attempts” to fix the condition or defect—under the Texas lemon law, at least one opportunity for repair
  • The consumer gives the manufacturer written notification of the condition or defect
  • The condition or defect continues to exist and substantially impairs the use or value of the vehicle, or creates a serious safety hazard.

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