The Lemon Law in Utah

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The lemon law in Utah is often referred to as the “New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act”. It states that any new motor vehicle that does not conform to all terms of its warranty and is reported to an authorized agent, dealer, or manufacturer while the warranty is in effect or during the first year following the original delivery date shall be repaired in order to conform to the warranty’s terms. As long as the vehicle’s problem is reported while the warranty is active, all repairs will be made by the authorized dealer or manufacturer, even if the warranty end date has expired. A warranty shall be extended in the event that repairs cannot be made due to war, strike, invasion, flood, or other natural disaster.

A reasonable number of repair attempts for a nonconformity must be made before a vehicle can be considered a lemon. In Utah, a reasonable number of attempts can be equal to four repair attempts or thirty days of accumulated time the vehicle is out of service for repairs. If the problem still exists and substantially impairs use, decreases the value or compromises safety, the vehicle shall be replaced with a comparable vehicle or the return of the lemon vehicle shall be accepted by the dealer or manufacturer for a full refund.

A vehicle may be denied lemon status in Utah if the nonconformity does not substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle. Additionally, if a problem is the result of neglect, abuse, or unauthorized alterations, the dealer, manufacturer, or authorized agent may deny a consumer a replacement or refund of the vehicle.

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