Motorcycle Consumer Protection Rights in California

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It can be a frustrating and intimidating experience as a consumer when you buy a new or used motorcycle in California only to find out that the motorcycle has considerable flaws. Owners of defective or under-performing motorcycles may be protected by the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act if the following points are established:

  • The motorcycle was purchased or leased in California.
  • The sale of the motorcycle included a warranty covering the defect you are complaining about.
  • You have evidence that you took the motorcycle to the manufacturer’s repair facility to be repaired, but the problems persisted and could not be fixed after a “reasonable” number of attempts.

As a consumer, we expect the vehicles we purchase, including motorcycles, to fulfill their advertised purpose and function. While no one expects that they will invest thousands of dollars in a motorcycle only to discover later that the motorcycle is a “lemon”, there are solutions available to resolve your problem.

Understanding your rights and duties under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act can be a challenge. If you have any questions regarding whether your specific situation may entitle you to a new motorcycle or your money back, please contact skilled California motorcycle lemon law attorney Howard D. Silver. Call 855-341-2611 today to set up a free consultation or visit for more helpful information.