Understanding Californias Vehicle License Fee Increase

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In a previous post, we discussed California’s Vehicle License Fee (VLF) increase that was initiated in May of this year. Although it is understandable why vehicle owners would object to an increase in fees, as a part of the state’s budget plan to combat a $42 billion shortfall, there isn’t really anything we can do about it.

To jog our readers’ memory, the new legislation that enabled DMV to raise the VLF from 0.65% to 1.15% for registration payments due on or after May 19, 2009 applies to trailer coaches, automobiles, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles with confirmed gross operating weight lower than 10,001 lbs. The VLF enhancement may last until June 30, 2013. If you are not sure as to the exact vehicle license fee you must pay, you can check your vehicle registration renewal notice or validated registration card. You can also visit www.dmv.ca.gov for more information.

Beside the increase in your annual vehicle registration expenses, learning that a part of your vehicle is not functioning properly may leave one financially concerned. Consumers pay thousands of dollars for new vehicles and expect that they will not need to spend countless hours and loads of money on repairs once those vehicles are drive off dealer lots.

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