Understanding Lemon Law in Montana

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Montana’s Lemon Law (or officially the “New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act”) provides consumers in the “Treasure State” with protection for any vehicle, including the nonresidential portion of a motor home, moved by its own power, and manufactured primarily to transport people or property on the public roadways. However, the law does not apply to motorcycles, non-motorized off road vehicles, or trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds.

According to the Montana Department of Commerce, a vehicle is a lemon if there have been 4 unsuccessful attempts for the same problem or the vehicle has been out of service for warranty repairs 30 or more business days during the first two years of ownership or 18,000 miles whichever occurs first. Similar to other states, when the repair attempts to the vehicle are unsuccessful, the manufacturer may have to replace the lemon vehicle.

On the other hand the Montana Lemon Law does not apply when the problem(s) with the vehicle arises from abuse, an accident, modification or neglect. It also does not cover used vehicles, or vehicles bought for business use.

To make sure your rights are protected, be sure to keep all records and written communication pertaining to the car, including purchase or lease documents, repair orders, maintenance records, receipts for maintenance supplies and any other pertinent document relating to vehicle malfunctions.

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