Understanding the Nebraska Lemon Law

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In Nebraska, a lemon vehicle is defined as a vehicle “with a defect which substantially impairs use or market value and cannot be repaired after reasonable attempts”. To qualify under the law, the vehicle must have been purchased in Nebraska, be under warranty, and be less than one year old when the manufacturer is notified of the problem. The vehicle can be used for any purpose and be any size, including a motorcycle or semi-truck. The law excludes self-propelled motor homes and trailers.

A ‘defect’ in Nebraska means that the vehicle has been to the dealer four or more times to repair the same problem or that the owner has been unable to use the vehicle for forty or more days. There are exceptions to these rules. For example, if the defect in the car endangers the life of the operator, four repair attempts are not required before the car is considered to be a lemon. Conversely, an insignificant problem that remains unrepaired after four attempts is not considered a defect for the lemon law.

Nebraskans have a choice on how to pursue their claim. They can arbitrate without an attorney or file a lawsuit. If the consumer wins, they are entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle.

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