Used Car Dealer in Colorado Arrested for Fraud

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Police in Boulder, Colorado have arrested a 45-year-old man running a fraudulent used car business. The man allegedly scammed over $20,000 from consumers. According to 9 News, the dealer turned himself in to police following accusations of selling cars but not delivering them to buyers.

Authorities investigating the case were tipped off to the man’s operation when they received a report from a dealership in Canada. The Canadian party claimed that they paid $65,000.00 for a 2011 BMW but never got the car. The Canadian dealership also alleged that after contacting the man on numerous occasions to demand their money back, they were sent a check that bounced. When the dealership told the wrongdoer they intended to alert the police, he told them doing so would only postpone their refund.

Reports indicate the man was also selling vehicles online including eBay. Police estimate there are a minimum of seven additional victims resulting from doing business with the alleged wrongdoer. In three cases, victims bought cars that were never delivered, and received bounced checks after requesting refunds. Police said they believe there could be more victims affected by the individual’s fraudulent practices.

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