Washington State Adds Used Car Protection to Lemon Law

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Whether you live in the state of Washington or California, it’s very probable that your livelihood and daily activities depend on a reliable mode of transportation. Thousands upon thousands of U.S. citizens look forward to buying a new or used vehicle for this very reason. For a vast majority, it takes years to save enough money to purchase or lease a vehicle. In order to help protect car owners from the financial loss and potentially unsafe consequences of having a vehicle with hard-to-fix and constant mechanical problems, “lemon laws” have been created in the United States and are often updated on a statewide level.

A recent komonews.com article addresses a lemon law revision in the state of Washington that will help protect buyers of used vehicles from unsuspectingly purchasing a lemon. Gov. Chris Gregoire signed the new lemon law consumer protection bill as a part of National Consumer Protection Week in March. Previously in Washington, a car owner could only receive a replacement or refund for a vehicle with reoccurring problems under the lemon law if it was purchased new from a car dealer.

According to the article, as a consequence of the old lemon law, individuals were unknowingly sold used cars that had previously been returned to the manufacturer for having defects or problems. However, with the new lemon law in Washington, used car dealers must reveal information about a vehicle’s defect history so that consumers are fully aware about its specific problems. Having this information before purchasing a used car with existing issues helps consumers in deciding whether or not they want to take the chance of having a potentially low resale value as well as a vehicle that has continuous problems. This knowledge also helps protect a consumer from purchasing a used vehicle at a higher price than it is actually worth due to its past or present issues.

If you have been denied a refund by an auto manufacturer or dealer for a used or new vehicle that is defective or flawed, you have legal rights protected by lemon laws in the state in which you reside.

In some instances, a dealer may sell a vehicle that they know is faulty or is a lemon, but fail to inform the consumer. In other cases, a manufacturer may not be aware of a vehicle’s flaws, but may refuse to give a buyer their money back after the problems are determined to be irreparable. California lemon law lawyer Howard D. Silver has dedicated years to protecting the rights of consumers in matters relating to the California lemon law, used car fraud, unfair business practices, and much more. For a free consultation regarding your particular vehicle problem, please call 855-341-2611 today.

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