Westgate Resorts Hoping Their Case to be Overturned by Supreme Court

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Westgate Resorts was found guilty of consumer fraud in a lawsuit in April and are now hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court will review the lawsuit with the hopes that it will be overturned. Westgate Resort is a timeshare company that was sued for allegedly not providing accurate information to timeshare purchasers.

In the case, timeshare purchasers claimed that they were told they'd receive multiple benefits after purchasing their timeshare and those benefits were falsified. They also alleged that they were given information that was outdated and inaccurate.

The lawsuit was tried in Tennessee and the judge ruled in favor of the purchasers saying that Westgate Resorts "engaged in intentional and fraudulent conduct." The purchasers were awarded $500,000. Westgate Resorts is concerned that this lawsuit will spur multiple more lawsuits which is why they're hoping the Supreme Court reverse the decision.

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