What are Arkansas’ Lemon Law Provisions?

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Being aware of the varying lemon laws across all 50 states can come in handy for a consumer, no matter where they go. In Arkansas, the lemon law can be found under the “Arkansas New Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act.”

Like the majority of state laws, vehicles in Arkansas can qualify as a lemon if they meet any one of several different requirements. Specifically, if the vehicle is subjected to three repair attempts for the same nonconformity, or one attempt if the nonconformity could cause serious injury or death and the consumer has given the manufacturer one final opportunity to repair the vehicle, they can make a lemon law claim.

Additionally, if the manufacturer has not “conformed the motor vehicle to the warranty” through repair on one or more non-conformities, within 40 days, it can qualify as a lemon.

After being deemed a lemon, the consumer is entitled to a replacement vehicle or his money back minus a reasonable offset for usage and damage.  Usage is determined by multiplying the price of the vehicle by the number of miles put on the car prior to the first repair and then dividing that number by 120,000. The usage fee is subtracted from the total to arrive at the refund.

Understanding your rights and getting your money back or a new car can be tricky no matter what state you’re in. Therefore, contact experienced Los Angeles County lemon law attorney Howard D. Silver for help at (866) 49-LEMON.