What Happens to a Vehicle after Its Declared a Lemon?

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If you have a vehicle that is deemed to be a "lemon," you have certain rights under the California Lemon Law. In most instances, the manufacturer buys the vehicle back from you and you receive a refund of your money. At this point, your lemon law claim is settled and you get to move on with your life.

But what happens to the vehicle? Are they taken to the scrap yard and crushed into junk? While that might seem like a reasonable outcome, it's not what actually happens. In most instances, these vehicles are sent to auction where a dealer purchases it and sells it on their lot as a used car.

Unfortunately, these dealers often don't disclose to customers that the vehicle they're purchasing was a lemon law buyback. While this would be the honorable and ethical thing to do, they're not required by law to disclose this information. It's also not guaranteed that you'll be able to uncover lemon law buyback information from services such as Carfax.

You should always be very careful when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer, especially if it has very low mileage. Always ask whether it was a lemon law buyback. If the dealer lies to you when you ask this question point blank, it constitutes used car fraud, and you will have rights and protections under the law.

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