What Happens to Vehicles That are Returned Under California Lemon Law Procedures?

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A vehicle is considered to be a lemon law buyback vehicle by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if it has been reacquired by the vehicle’s manufacturer due to a warranty defect.

After the vehicle is reacquired by the manufacturer, there are several things they must do before the vehicle can be resold, including:

  • Request that the designation “Lemon Law Buyback” be imprinted on the vehicle’s title and registration certificate
  • Title the vehicle in the name of the manufacturer
  • Attach a “Lemon Law Buyback” decal on the vehicle’s left door frame. For motor homes, the decal must be placed on the frame of the main entry into the vehicle. For motorcycles, the decal must be placed on the vehicle’s left side.

A consumer who purchases a California lemon law buyback vehicle must be notified in writing that the vehicle title is marked as a lemon law buyback, the nature of the nonconformity(s) that were reported by the vehicle’s original owner, and any repairs that were made to attempt to repair the nonconformity(s).

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