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March 02, 2012
Because of the frequent occurrence of irreparable defects in vehicles throughout the nation, every state in the U.S. has some form of lemon law to protect consumers and hold manufacturers accountable for their products. In Florida, although the lemon law is similar to other states, there are some... Read More
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March 02, 2012
Today, lemon laws protect consumers in California and across the United States from substandard vehicles. However, it was not that long ago that no provisions existed to protect American citizens from defective products. In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt created the Pure Food and Drug Act in... Read More
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December 26, 2011
While there are many ways in which a used car dealer can commit fraud, a new form of fraud, known as title washing (hiding past damage), is beginning to emerge in cases across the United States. Title washing can be done in two ways. First, dealers use vehicle documentation laws from other states... Read More
December 23, 2011
General Motors, in conjunction with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), has recalled some Chevrolet Captiva model cars due to a power steering fluid leak that could lead to a fire. The recall is for 3,150 units manufactured from October 2, 2009 through April 21, 2011. When... Read More
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November 08, 2011
Alabama lemon law is similar to other states in that the owner of a problematic new vehicle may be able to obtain a replacement vehicle or a refund of his money, if the manufacturer fails to fix the problems after a reasonable number of attempts. Lemon law in Alabama (found under state statute 8-... Read More
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October 28, 2011
Police in Boulder, Colorado have arrested a 45-year-old man running a fraudulent used car business. The man allegedly scammed over $20,000 from consumers. According to 9 News, the dealer turned himself in to police following accusations of selling cars but not delivering them to buyers. Authorities... Read More
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October 17, 2011
On Monday October 3rd, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new bill (AB 1215) into law that puts California at the forefront of lemon law progress. The law mandates that both new and used car sellers verify the condition of their used vehicles using a federally run database. If the database uncovers any... Read More
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September 07, 2011
Montana’s Lemon Law (or officially the “New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act”) provides consumers in the “Treasure State” with protection for any vehicle, including the nonresidential portion of a motor home, moved by its own power, and manufactured primarily to transport people or property on the public... Read More
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August 17, 2011
The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Ohio Attorney General is suing a car dealer for breaking several consumer protection laws. According to the article, the company allegedly sold vehicles without divulging financial terms, tampered with a vehicle’s odometer in at least one case, and failed to... Read More
July 15, 2011
In North Dakota, the lemon law applies only to new and leased cars. Used vehicles, motorcycles and RVs are excluded from protection under the lemon law. The law entitles owners of a lemon car to receive a comparable vehicle in exchange for the lemon or return the lemon for a full refund of the... Read More
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