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April 20, 2011
In Texas, the state lemon law aids consumers who have purchased or leased a new motor vehicle from licensed dealers or lease companies in Texas and have recurring problems getting the vehicle repaired properly. Texas lemon law covers new vehicles, including demonstrators, with problems that are... Read More
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March 02, 2011
The Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act, also known as the New Mexico lemon law, states that a consumer must provide a written opportunity for repair to the authorized agent, dealer, or manufacturer where the vehicle in question was originally purchased. The request for repairs shall be made within... Read More
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February 16, 2011
The lemon law in Utah is often referred to as the “New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act”. It states that any new motor vehicle that does not conform to all terms of its warranty and is reported to an authorized agent, dealer, or manufacturer while the warranty is in effect or during the first year... Read More
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February 09, 2011
The Colorado lemon law states that a consumer needs to report any problem with a vehicle that affects the vehicle’s use, value, or safety within one year of the original purchase date or during the term of the warranty, whichever happens first. Then, the vehicle’s authorized dealer, agent, or... Read More
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January 24, 2011
According to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Wisconsin jury has ruled in favor of a father-son trucking company whose semi-truck failed to perform properly within six weeks of purchase and consistently needed repairs for the same problem. The semi-truck was purchased in 2007 for $177,000 and... Read More
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January 14, 2011
Idaho lemon law may apply to any vehicle that does not conform to the conditions of the express warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts. The consumer should report the problem within two years of the date the express warranty is implemented or on the date the vehicle reaches 24,000... Read More
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January 10, 2011
Taking to the road in a new or used car can be a rewarding experience. However, if you’ve encountered reoccurring problems with your vehicle in Arizona, you may have a lemon. The lemon law in Arizona states that if a new motor vehicle does not adhere to the terms of the express warranty, a consumer... Read More
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January 06, 2011
No one ever expects the vehicle they purchase to be a lemon. In the state of Nevada, a vehicle is considered a lemon if four or more repair attempts have been made and the vehicle’s problem still remains or the vehicle is out of service for repairs for 30 days or more while the manufacturer’s... Read More
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December 28, 2010
Lemon laws protect consumers’ rights throughout the United States in the event that a vehicle contains irreparable defects. While some fundamental aspects of the lemon law are the same, lemon laws vary depending on the state. In Oregon, for instance, the Oregon Department of Justice notes that... Read More
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September 20, 2010
While it may be tempting to purchase the first used car that you see, especially if the price is right, there are a few issues relating to a vehicle’s history that you may want to check first. The Seattle Medium recently reported that a car dealer in Washington failed to provide used car buyers... Read More
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