California Lemon Law Jury Instructions and Special Verdict Forms

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Lemon Law Cases in California - What to ExpectThe California lemon law is complex. The legal terminology can be hard to understand. To help consumers better understand what the law means, the Law Offices Of Howard D. Silver has posted the actual instructions that a jury follows when ruling on a case.

Even though not all of the instructions will apply to you, if you review them you should have a better understanding of how to apply the law to your situation. The use notes give the basis for the instructions.

Along with the instructions, lemon law verdict forms have been posted. The verdict forms contain the questions that a jury answers after reviewing the instructions and the evidence in a particular case. The verdict forms are filled out by a jury and are used to decide who wins the case: the consumer or the manufacturer or seller.

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Part 1 - Lemon Law Jury Instructions & Use Notes

Part 2 - Lemon Law Jury Instructions & Use Notes

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