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Repair man looks over defective motorcycle with California lemon law attorney Motorcycles are a great way to enjoy the California landscape. Purchasing a new or used motorcycle is an exciting time, but some enthusiasts discover soon after that their bike has flaws or defects that significantly impact its performance, safety, and usefulness. The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act established California Lemon Law, which covers motor vehicles but also motorcycles—A fact that many motorcyclists don’t realize when they find something is wrong with their new purchase. The seller or manufacturer may owe you compensation for repair costs or a replacement bike.

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What Makes a Motorcycle a Lemon in California?

A variety of manufacturing flaws or design defects could make your motorcycle a lemon. There are several types of lemon law cases, and California Lemon Law addresses motorcycles in a different way than automobiles because they’re classified as “consumer goods.” That could make a claim easier to prove in some cases because the issue doesn’t necessarily need to impair the value or your ability to use the motorcycle.

To qualify as a lemon, a motorcycle sale must come with a written warranty and be bought for your personal use, be it you, a family member, or shared within your household. Other criteria include:

  • Proof you purchased or leased the bike in California legally.
  • The motorcycle is within warranty, and that warranty covers the specific damage or defect.
  • An authorized repair facility has attempted a reasonable number of times (typically three) to correct the issue but it persists, or the motorcycle has been in the repair shop for 30 days or longer.
  • The defect was discovered within a mileage limit or number of months after purchase.
  • The flaw wasn’t caused by driver error, a motorcycle accident, or neglect of care.
  • The issue can be traced back to the dealer or manufacturer.

Some of the most common motorcycle lemon law cases involve bikes that have been out of service for an unreasonable amount of time. Mileage and time frame are essential parts of these claims because a motorcycle with 10,000 miles is expected to perform at a higher standard than one with 50,000 miles. Motorcycles, on the whole, are often driven less than cars, but warranties cover a shorter time frame than motor vehicles, which makes it critical to address the issue as soon as it’s discovered. These cases often center around the safety of the motorcycle because drivers are more vulnerable than car and truck drivers. An aspect that can make motorcycle lemon law claims stronger.

How to File a Lemon Law Claim for Your Motorcycle

Many people dream of having a motorcycle, so when they make the jump to purchase one, it can quickly become a nightmare when repeated problems and safety issues become apparent. If you think your motorcycle is a lemon, our attorney recommends taking these steps as soon as possible to ensure the validity of your case:

  1. Collect All Documentation: You’ll need proof of purchase and warranty, but you also need to document the repair process. Some repair shops do not keep detailed records, so it's important to keep track of your receipts and also your mileage and warranty limits.
  2. Don’t Drive the Motorcycle: Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer severe injuries and death in the event of an accident, which is why you should never operate a motorcycle that has a serious safety issue.
  3. Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney: Lemon law cases can be complicated, and many consumers don’t know their rights. Our attorney knows the intricacies of The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and will make sure you receive reimbursement for the expenses the defective motorcycle accrued.

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