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"Unlike many attorneys that I come across, attorney Howard Silver possesses a great amount of professionalism and integrity, and takes the time to listen and understand each complaint. Attorney Howard Silver is the go to man when you have a lemon. He knows the lemon law exceptionally well, and will even educate you on your rights. I am very satisfied with Mr. Silver's work, and will never hesitate to refer him to anyone, as i have done many times in the past."
"My experience with Mr. Silver was fantastic. He took care of everything, was very thorough and explained everything step by step. He genuinely cares and will not settle for anything but the best for his client. I recommend him to everyone I know because he is the best."
-Sahar M.
"Thank you for fighting to get me the money owed to me from the manufacturer. If it weren't for your persistence, knowledge and skill, I would still be waiting for them to respond to me. I highly recommend your services to anyone having difficulty with a vehicle manufacturer."
-Larry H.
"If you ever find yourself faced with a lemon, you will solve all your problems with a call to Howard Silver. He is both knowledgeable and responsive. I have used Mr. Silver twice and recommended him on several occasions and will continue to do do."
-Darryl Z
"In about a month, Howard got me all my money back in my lemon law case. He is number one - a great help and a great lawyer."
-Lori K.
"Howard was an excellent attorney. He was my attorney for about 1 yr and a half on our case. He was very knowledgeable in what he does and was on top of things throughout the whole process. Kept us informed on everything that was going on and would recommend him to anyone for there services."
"I had bad luck with 3 cars but was very fortunate with my attorney (Howard Silver). I interviewed other attorneys for my first case and was told that, I do not have a chance returning the car, Mr. Silver's experience and vision won all three cases. He handled my cases with the utmost professionalism, I recommend him with 100% confidence."
"Mr. Silver has handled 2 auto related cases for me over the last 5 years. We prevailed in both and certainly due in total to Howard's involvement in these cases. I felt that we were on the same page and a team at all times through the entire process. Lawsuits are no fun, so at least they can be tolerable if you have a competent attorney out for your best interest. He's honest, very responsive, extremely knowledgeable and unlike most attorneys, maintains the proper level of communication.
My recent case involved a rare, semi-exotic car damaged while in the possession of what was a very reputable facility…but grossly underinsured. Not enough to cover the damage. Mr. Silver was able to settle the claim for the amount needed to restore the car and cover his fees, no more/no less. but how many times does this happen. The final settlement required the principals to supplement a majority of the amount and we prevailed.
Thank you Howard. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to work with him again in the future."
"Howard D Silver is the lawyer you want on your side. He fought for me over the course of a year and a half. The whole time Howard was vigilant with my case and never left me on the sideline. I was very satisfied in the end and got exactly what I was told. This is THE guy. Choose Howard D Silver and never look back."
"Very Professional and on top of things. I was very happy with my results and will refer him to others."
-Sam F.