Am I Protected By Lemon Law If I Lease My Vehicle?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Another important question in the lemon law area involving motor vehicles is what happens if you lease the vehicle, what happens if it’s a business vehicle, or what happens if it’s a used vehicle? These are important questions. The other day somebody called me and said I have a business vehicle, I’m an electrician and I put my tools in the vehicle and I use it for business. Well, in California, which by the way has the best lemon law in the country, if you have a business vehicle it can still qualify for lemon law protection if you do not own more than five. Five or less, business vehicle, and if it’s under 10,000 lbs it qualifies for lemon law protection. Second: what about a lease? I got a call the other day from a client or a potential client who said I leased my vehicle can I still get my money back? Yes, the answer is yes. I told this person it doesn’t matter if you have a lease it’s treated the same way as if you purchased it. Leases, if you have a lease you get your money back, you get your down payment back, and you get that lease paid off. And then what about if it’s used? Now this is really important. If it’s a used vehicle that’s still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty you still have lemon law protection. So, if you go to that Ford dealer, that GM dealer and they tell you we’ve got a demo or we got a used vehicle only slightly used, 5,000 miles 10,000 miles, and will I still have lemon law protection? Yes you do. Even if it’s a used vehicle still protected by the manufacturer’s warranty you’re covered under our lemon law. My name is Howard Silver. If you want more information about my services at the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver, please visit my website at or call me at area code 818-597-2610. I’m available to take your call and it’s a free consultation.