Can You Help Me with My Identity Theft Problem?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: When a client calls me about an identity theft problem, they always ask me: Can you help me get this creditor off my back? My answer is yes, I can. What I do is number one I make sure you’ve done what you need to do first. Make that police report. Make the identity theft affidavit. Send that information to the creditor. Let them know that this isn’t your debt and let them know if they don’t stop, you’re going to hire somebody like me. Now, then if you hire me, I’m going to tell that creditor: Hey, listen, you better leave this consumer alone because if you don’t, you’re going to be facing a lawsuit. In California, we have a very, very pro-consumer law that not only can eliminate the debt but can get you your money back, your expenses paid for, damages and even in some cases, a civil penalty, and attorney’s fees and legal costs. My name is Howard Silver.

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