Can You Help Stop Debt Collection Harassment?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So, how can I help you as the consumer if you owe the money, you’ve been harassed by a debt collector or a creditor, what can I do for you? Well, the first thing I can do is I can stop that unlawful or illegal activity. I can make sure they don’t call you in the middle of the night. If they’ve caused you to get help, they’ve caused you to suffer emotional distress, or they’re trying to collect on a debt that’s not yours, I can help get that stuff stopped, and I can get you - if you’ve suffered any damages as a result of the unlawful activity, I can help you with that as well. And, in cases, I can get your attorney’s fees paid and legal costs. If you have questions about unlawful debt collection or any other consumer area, please call me for a FREE consultation at the Law Office of Howard Silver. 818-597-2610 or visit my website at