How Do You Know if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How do you know if you’ve been a victim of identity theft? Well, let me tell you. One day you could be opening your mail and there could be a bill form a department store saying you owe two thousand dollars. You say: Gee, that’s not my bill. And you call the company, or you call the department store, and they say: Well, you were here a month ago, and you bought a new suit and it cost $2,000, and you bought a pair of shoes. Well, you say: I’ve never been to your store. I’ve never, ever been to your store. That’s not my bill. Well, somebody in the department store manager says: Well, somebody came in and used your name and used your credit card number. That’s how you know you’ve been a victim of identity theft. You start getting calls from bill collectors and from credit card companies or even from the IRS. For obligations or bills that just aren’t yours. I’m Howard Silver. If you think you’ve been a victim of identity theft, please call me. I’m available and I have expertise in this area. Please visit my website at Or, call me at area code 818-597-2610. I’m available to take your call, and it’s a FREE consultation.