How Many Times Does My Vehicle Need to Be Serviced Before It Becomes A Lemon?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: People ask me: How many times do I have to take my motor vehicle in for service before it’s considered a lemon? Now there’s a lot of confusion in this area. Some people say, or some people say, maybe even the place where you bought it, that you have to take it in four times. That you have to take it in five times or that it has to be in 30 days or even more than 30 days. The answer is none of that is true. The basic standard is: Has it been brought in a reasonable number of attempts and is still broken? So, what is reasonable? Depends on the defect in the motor vehicle and it depends on how many days that it was in service for. So, ask yourself if you’re sitting on a jury, and you’re hearing a lemon law case, does it sound like the consumer brought it in enough times and is entitled to his or her money back or did they need to take it in more times? So, it’s a reasonable test. Whatever sounds reasonable is what is considering to be the right number of times. My name is Howard Silver. If you want more information about my services at the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver, please visit my website at, or call me at area code (818) 597-2610. I’m available to take your call and it’s a FREE consultation.