I Have a Problem With My Credit Report, Can You Help?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: You’ve looked at your credit report, and gee, there’s a debt on there that’s not yours, or you’ve researched your information and you’ve never had that debt. Or, you’ve never been late when you’ve been paying your mortgage, and you’ve gone ahead, and you’ve told the credit bureaus that information, but you know, after you wrote them, and after you call them, and after you did a lot of research on your own, that information is still there. Well if that’s the case, call me at the Law Office of Howard Silver, and I can help you get that information removed. If you want more information about my services at the Law Offices of Howard D. Silver, please visit my website at www.caconsumeradvocate.com, or call me at area code (818) 597-2610. I’m available to take your call and it’s a FREE consultation.