What Can I Do if My Vehicle Has a Lot of Problems?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What is the most important thing a consumer can do if their motor vehicle has a lot of problems? Number one thing: make sure when you go to the dealer that they write down everything that you say the automobile is suffering from. Make sure that every problem is written on the repair order. Many times after the fact when I’m doing a lemon law case I see one problem but not the main problem and if the main problem’s not there that can be a drawback for your case. So make sure that they write down everything that you’re telling them. Number two: even if they can’t duplicate the problem, remember, you still get credit when you bring the vehicle in for that particular defect. Number three: if they tell you you don’t have a lemon law case because you haven’t brought it in enough times or you don’t have many enough problems or the problems you do have aren’t serious enough; don’t listen. Call me. I’m Howard Silver at the Law Office of Howard Silver. You call me for a free initial consultation. I can be reached at 818-597-2610 or www.caconsumeradvocate.com.