What is Consumer Fraud?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What is Consumer Fraud? Consumer Fraud means somebody told you it’s raining outside, but it’s really sunny. What I mean by that is they told you something that’s not true.

Let’s say you go to a car dealer. You want to buy a used vehicle. They told you this is a perfect vehicle. I just inspected it. The transmission’s perfect. They just put in new brakes. It’s great.

Well, what happens? You drive off the lot. You don’t even go a block, and you can’t stop the car, and you run into a telephone pole. Well, obviously they didn’t change the brakes. Nothing’s right about that vehicle. Or, there was frame damage, or it had been in a major accident or it had flood damage, or it had a salvaged title, meaning it had been a total loss in the past. None of that information was disclosed to you, or they told you something that wasn’t true.

If you have any questions about consumer fraud, whether it’s when you purchase a motor vehicle or any other thing where you bought a product and it’s not right or it doesn’t fit with the way the seller says it is, call me. I’m Howard Silver at The Law Office of Howard Silver, 818-597-2610. Or, visit my website at www.caconsumeradvocate.com.