What is the California Lemon Law?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: People ask me about the California Lemon Law. Well, technically, the California Lemon Law only applies to motor vehicles, but people use it in the generic sense to apply to any product.

In other words, you call me on the telephone and you ask: “I have a motor home or a travel trailer or a boat, am I covered under the lemon law?” Well, technically, the lemon law applies only to motor vehicles, but the same protections apply if you buy another type of consumer product like a boat, or a jet ski or a computer.

So, the answer is: Yes, there is a law that protects you. Technically, it’s not a motor vehicle, but people call it lemon law and I don’t argue with that because I know when a consumer calls me, they use that terminology, and I’m comfortable with it, and I can help you.

If you have a question about the lemon law in California, you’re not sure if the product you bought qualifies under the California law, please call me. I’m Howard Silver—you can reach me at area code 818-597-2610. I’m available to take your call, and it’s a free consultation.