What is the Consumer Legal Remedies Act?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: In California, we have a great law that protects consumers it’s called the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. It’s a law that not only protects you when you buy a motor vehicle; it protects you when you buy anything or even when you go to a repair shop for repairs to your car. So if they tell you it needs new brakes, it doesn’t need brakes, if they tell you it needs a new transmission, it doesn’t need a new transmission. Or if they tell you it’s a new product you’re buying, a new computer, and it’s refurbished, or if they tell you the vehicle has never been in an accident and it had been in an accident. These are the types of things that the Consumer Legal Remedies Act helps you with. In other words, any unfair or deceptive misrepresentation regarding consumer goods or services falls under the protections of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. If you have more questions about this I’d be happy to talk to you. You can contact my office for a free consultation. I’m Howard Silver, you can reach me at 818-597-2610 I’m available to take your call and it’s a free consultation. Or visit my website at www.caconsumeradvocate.com.