Why Choose the Law Office of Howard Silver?

Lemon Law Attorney Serving Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino and Other Areas in California

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: My name is Howard Silver and people ask me – why should I hire you as my lawyer? Well I’ll give you several reasons why you should. First, when you call me on the telephone or you wanna meet me you’ll get me. I’m always available for my clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s the evening during the week, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Saturday or Sunday I’ll make myself available. Second, I don’t deal through assistants or paralegals; I’m available for you, I give you my personal attention. I have a lot of experience too practicing in the consumer law area. I’ve been a member of the state bar of California since 1979. I’ve been representing consumers in areas like lemon law and used car fraud since the late 1980s and I have a lot of experience and I can help you with your problem. When people see me they’re under a lot of distress; they’re not sure what to do they’re upset about their vehicle, they’re upset about another consumer-type problem that you’re having and I’m there for you. I have the experience and the expertise to guide you in this process and make sure that you get a good result. For more information about me and the Law Office of Howard D. Silver, please visit my website at www.caconsumeradvocate.com. Or call me at area code 818-597-2610 and remember there is no charge for an initial consultation.