Your Rights if Debt Collectors are Harassing You

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: A lot of times people call me and they say, "Howard, I, I owe the money but this creditor or this debt collector, they're driving me crazy, do I have any rights here? Not only are they calling me at midnight, they're calling my cousin twice removed, they're calling my sister in out of state. They're calling me 20 times a day and they're doing all kinds of crazy stuff. They said if I don't pay I can go to jail. What can I do? I owe the money, I admit, I want to pay it but I do I have to, do I have to take all this abuse?"

No, you don't have to take all that abuse. Even if you owe the money, there are certain things that a creditor or a debt collector cannot do. Calling you in the middle of the night, telling you, you owe money when you really don't, harassing you, things like that. They're not allowed to do that stuff and if they do, please call me and I can help you with that problem.

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